Geology / Mammoth

Geology and The West Runton Mammoth

West Runton is a very special place. It has World Class fossil rich geological deposits lying one on top of the other. You can find material in the cliffs and on the beaches from a wide range of geological periods, created in very different environmental and climatic conditions. From the chalk of the lower beach that was created by the warm shallow tropical seas that covered Norfolk 90 million years ago, to the sands and gravels of the upper cliffs deposited during the Ice Age, just tens of thousands of years ago, it is the perfect place to study the realities of climate change.
Click here to read more in depth about the structure and geology of the cliffs here at West Runton.

Safe Fossilling Means:

  • Always wear suitable footwear ( no flip flops or sandals )
  • Do not dig into the cliffs.
  • Do not hammer rocks, a specific tool is needed for this.
  • Be aware of people around you

Found something unusual?

Why not bring it to the cafe patio. "The Shack" has a resident fossil identification person on hand, they should be able to help.

Or pop your find into the cafe, we will endeavour to identify it for you.